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As the budget and space available of many clubs, schools and local authorities are limited; it’s hard to make a pitch for every sport. Is there any solution? Taishan mltifunctional fields with artificial turf suitable for various sports. Taishan artificial pitch will help you save valuable space by reason of an artificial pitch has the capacity of 3 natural grass pitches.

As the leading artificial turf company in China, Taishan attaches great importance to customers’ demand. Taishan R&D team studies intensively. After hundreds of tests, we have been successfully developed Taishan multifunctional artificial turf. The artificial turf is characterized by playing variety of sports in one pitch, which will effectively help you save valuable space, and control the install budget at one pitch.

Advantages of Taishan multifunctional turf

Taishan multifunctional turf of TFH10-25 mm can be tufted with the yarn of PP6600, 7400 or 8800 Dtex and the colors of dark green, olive green, red, yellow and so on. It has the characteristic of good rebound, strong anti-split, beautiful looking and durable service life. High-tech turf makes your play safer and more enjoyable. Taishan TFH10-25 mm is suitable for basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, football and other venues.

Taishan artificial turf passed the United States TSI's lead-free testing and PONY international laboratory testing of heavy metal-free, and passed China environmental labeling certification. The cost-effective, security and versatility of Taishan artificial turf make it loved by all kinds of people. Taishan artificial turf provided more opportunity for people’s activities and exercises, and promoted the development of basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports.

Taishan Multifunctional Turf Field
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